Conservative Manifesto

Today the Conservatives published their election manifestoAn invitation to join the Government of Britain.

In the Forward the Conservatives said:¬†“This economic vision reflects our belief in enterprise and aspiration. It is a vision of a truly modern economy: one that is greener and more local. An economy where Britain leads in science, technology and innovation.”

The following are extracts from the manifesto relevant to research, innovation, education and skills.

Making Britain the leading hi-tech exporter in Europe (page 11)

  • Encouraging the establishment of joint university-business research and development institute.
  • Initiating a multi-year Science and research budget to provide a stable investment climate for Research Councils.
  • We will create the conditions for higher exports, business investment and saving as a share of GDP.
  • Creating a better focus on Science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) subjects in schools; and establishing a new prize for engineering.
  • Research and development tax credits will be improved and refocused on hi-tech companies, small businesses and new start-ups.

Boost small business (page 16)

  • Aim to deliver 25 per cent of government research and procurement contracts through SME s by cutting the administrative costs of bidding.

Improve Skills and Strengthen Higher Education (page 17)

  • Delay the implementation of the Research Excellence Framework so that it can be reviewed – because of doubts about whether there is a robust and acceptable way of measuring the impact of all research.

Better teachers and tougher discipline (Page 51-2)

  • To raise the status of teaching , we will make¬†repayments for top Maths and Science graduates for as long as they remain teachers, by redirecting some of the current teacher training budget.

A rigorous curriculum and exam system (page 52)

  • We will reform the National Curriculum so that it is more challenging and based on evidence about what knowledge can be mastered by children at different ages. We will ensure that the primary curriculum is organised around subjects like Maths, Science and History.
  • Develop proper vocational and technical education that engages young people and meets the needs of modern business. Will establish Technical Academies across England, starting in at least twelve cities.

Protect Our Freedoms (p 79)

  • We will review and reform libel laws to protect freedom of speech, reduce costs and discourage libel tourism.

Conserve wildlife (page 95)

  • We will work to reduce the use of animals in scientific research.
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  1. Posted 14/04/2010 at 18:18 | Permalink

    The manifesto also included a commitment to explore/ introduce a system of ‘conservation credits’ as a means to offset impacts on biodiversity through development. The Natural Capital Initiative, of which the BES is a partner, is exploring such systems of biodiversity offsets in a series of workshops later this year, the first on 22 June. Email for more information.

  2. Posted 28/11/2011 at 10:50 | Permalink

    I strongly disagree with manifesto on education, i feel like there is enough pressure on young adults already, exams are constantly on there minds and seem to be challenging enough, its sad to think school as became such a enemy towards children when it use to be a privlage.

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