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• You care about science and engineering
• You want the people who count to understand and care – especially government and industry
• You know that CaSE can make a difference – we have a proven record of bringing about change

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You see who has recently joined CaSE and read articles from our members in the Member News section of our website.

What the party leaders said about CaSE in 2010

David Cameron, Prime Minister: “…we would look to CaSE to help us develop a clear framework for science and innovation policy”

Nick Clegg, Deputy Prime Minister: “I pay tribute to the excellent work that CaSE does in advocating the importance of science and engineering in public policy … [and] hope that you continue this excellent work in the new Parliament.”

Ed Miliband, Leader of the Opposition: “The work that CaSE is doing to promote science and engineering is crucial to the future health of our economy”

Gordon Brown, former Prime Minister: “…Let me start by thanking CaSE for its powerful advocacy for science since it started back in 1986 as Save British Science.”


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