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Membership of CaSE is for all individuals and organisations that want to ensure the needs of the science and engineering sector are being heard at the highest levels of politics.

Become a champion for science and engineering because:

  • You care about science and engineering
  • You want to see the UK maintain its position as one of the most high-performing and successful science bases in the world
  • Your know with the right support science can grow a strong economy, create high value jobs and enable healthier and happier lives

CaSE has two forms of membership:

You can see who has recently joined CaSE and read articles from our members in our Member News section.


What the party leaders said about CaSE in 2010

David Cameron, Prime Minister: “I look forward to continuing to work with CaSE as we strive to achieve our shared goals for this key sector”

Liam Byrne MP, Shadow Minister for Universities, Science and Skills: “The Campaign for Science and Engineering does a brilliant job in informing the public policy debate and we’ve relied on CaSE a lot for the quality of your analysis and the quality of your argument”

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